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Lake Tekapo - The Mackenzie Country. New Zealand

Tekapo Tourism - Mt Cook

Mt Cook, named Aoraki by the local Maori, Ngai Tahu, is the highest peak in New Zealand and stands amongst several other major peaks in the Southern Alps.

Such is the beauty of the area it has been designated a National Park, Mt Cook National Park and borders the Westland National Park on the west side of the mountain. Mt Cook is the highest peak in Oceania and is surrounded by numerous glaciers and other spectacular ice formations.

Sir Edmund Hillary did extensive climbs in the Mt Cook area before using his ice climbing experience to join the British expedition on Mt Everest in 1953 and along with Sherpa Tensing, to be the first climbers to climb to the top of Mt Everest.

The only village within the Mt Cook National park is Mt Cook village. The tranquil village is located in the Tasman Valley below the Tasman Glacier. To minimise human impact on the environment, accommodation levels are limited in Mt Cook village and bookings are essential.

Scenic flights by fixed wing aircraft and snow landings by ski plane or helicopter are available from the Mt Cook airport and nearby Glentanner Park.
Other activities such as boat trips on the terminal lake of the Tasman and Murchison Glaciers are available.

Locating Lake Tekapo

Mt Cook lies on the edge of the Mackenzie Country, on New Zealand's Southern Alps. The highest peak in Oceania, Mt Cook seperates New Zealand's South Island's East and West Coasts.
Christchurch International airport is only a 4 hour drive away and New Zealand's most popular tourist route, State Highway 8, passes through the Mackenzie and provides exquisite views of New Zealand as it should be viewed, 'naturally'.
Transport options include several mini bus and coach services.

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